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Located in Flagstaff AZ, Sonherd was founded on the premise that certain models in some industries are becoming outdated. As is common, those industries have dominated their space for so long that they feel that they are the influencers of change, having the consumer bend to their will. What the sharing economy has taught us is that industry change is now in the hands of the consumer. Consumers have shown, and the data confirms, that if today's consumer cannot experience things on their terms, they simply won't do it. Sonherd strives to create and acquire companies that assist in that change and serve a well diverse section of industries making the consumer experience far more effective. We are geared toward both company and consumer. 

Sonherd is also a socially conscious company that supports community based organizations. Our belief is that those that give themselves to serve the community, should have the community serve them as well. As such, Sonherd and its partners spend our resources of time and money toward these cau



Sonherd Capital provides funding solutions for retirement planning concepts focused on high net-worth individuals. Sonherd secures the capital and works with agents and advisors all across the country to meet estate planning and retirement needs.


Sonherd Ventures is the venture capital arm of Sonherd Holding Corp. Sonherd Ventures invests in early stage start-ups focusing on providing the resources and tools needed to move the companies to profitability


 Advanced Financial Solutions is a boutique advisory firm specializing in high net worth planning and strategies. AFS is very selective on who the firm works with, only allowing 4-6 new clients  per year. The depth of knowledge and decades of experience working with millionaires and billionaires worldwide, coupled with the advanced level of solutions, make AFS the premier firm when it comes to asset protection, tax minimization/elimination, risk reduction and legacy planning.



Krackerd is a technology based data and marketing company. Using cutting edge programs and proprietary software. Krackerd provides the specialized data and marketing services today's businesses need to compete in the digital economy.

Armored Outdoor Gear


 Since 2002, Armored Outdoor Gear has made products that help people to Adventure Smarter. We use our knowledge from years of experience with outdoor recreation and our unique manufacturing process to create durable bags used to protect food and gear in the backcountry. We proudly innovate and hand-craft our products in our Flagstaff, Arizona shop, with materials that come from US companies. 


Located in Phoenix, LCS of Arizona LLC is a nationally recognized brokerage and general agency. Through LCS, advisors and agents are supported with a portfolio of products designed to meet the needs of their clients. LCS's area of specialty is assisting advisors in the education space, 403(b) plans and 457 plans. LCS has also been on the forefront of industry innovation with it's creation of The Wealth Funding platform, an innovative vehicle for emerging affluent and their retirement plans. 


Located out of Cheyenne WY, ReQu is an industry changing company that enables consumers to engage in the purchase of life insurance all electronically, in real time, with instant results with no insurance agents involved. This insurtech company is considered the gold standard for the future of life insurance distribution with little or no marketing involved. There are 37 million Americans who want insurance but do not have it. The number one reason why is the long, tedious and inconvenient process. ReQu removes those barriers.


Located in Guthrie OK, The Back To School Store is a company specifically designed for the educator dealing with Title 1 students. Its main focus is to provide simple school supplies at a cost not found anywhere else. Annually teachers pay a combined $1.6 BILLION dollars out of their own pockets on simple school supplies. TB2SS recognizes that if educators are going to do this every year, they should have a place to get them at the lowest possible cost.


Sonherd is committed to giving back to the community. We are strong supporters of educators. We also believe in supporting our First Responders and have partnered with Officer Benefit Association to give to those who serve.


Located in Omaha NE, OTM is an advisor based marketing company. OTM focuses on helping advisors and agents effectively market using an education based model. OTM believes that every retirement plan should start with education.

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